Is Delayed Vessel Tracking Costing You?

Track Your Ships Anywhere in the World with the Most Timely Solution Available

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exactView RT™ powered by Harris is the most comprehensive real-time global vessel tracking service available. And we can prove it!

When you don't have the most current vessel tracking data exactly when you need it, precious time and money are at risk and your ability to make informed decisions can be impaired. exactView RT is the solution that is transforming global vessel tracking. With the ability to detect all real-time movements of all classes of ships with unprecedented accuracy, this advanced satellite-based tracking service unleashes new capabilities for fleet management, monitoring offshore assets and for an accurate view of the world's maritime trade.

          exactView RT is currently tracking over 200,000 vessels a day! 


Just a few of the benefits that you will receive with exactView RT : 

1. Enhanced Business Performance 

exactView RT gives you the big picture of the maritime trade flow and allows you to stay current with rapid insights into all vessel movements. Know exactly when your ships will arrive and avoid potential delays.       

2. Improved Maritime Safety  

exactView RT provides the CONTINUOUS global coverage so you can react to maritime emergencies and reduce unnecessary response calls. Access to real-time vessel positions that may be approaching your remote assets enables you to protect what is yours. 

3. More Effective Allocation of Resources 

exactView RT provides up-to-the-minute timelines of vessel position reports, enabling you to make better decisions on vessel schedules, planning and routing. 


                                   exactEarth's Satellite Constellation 

                  This is what CONTINUOUS global satellite coverage really looks like!


                              Other Providers'  Satellite Constellations 


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                           Life is full of uncertainties. Your data shouldn't be. 

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