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Seaway Heavy Lifting agrees IT support deal

Imtech Marine has signed an Advanced Support Agreement for a second crane vessel with Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL), covering all of the systems onboard, including VSAT, computers, navigation and communication equipment.

The maritime transport and offshore construction services company has been a customer of Imtech Marine and Radio Holland for many years, and in December 2011 decided to place its crane vessel Oleg Strashnov under an Advanced Support Agreement.

The company has now decided to do the same for a second crane vessel, the Stanislav Yudin.

“After experiencing the benefits of Imtech Marine’s Advanced Support Agreements for several months on the Oleg Strashnov, we didn’t hesitate to place the Stanislav Yudin under the same arrangement,” said Peter Dekkers, technical superintendent at SHL.

Remote maintenance of the onboard systems is a crucial aspect of this service, according to Mr Dekkers. He gives the example that Oleg Strashnov has recently been working in the Indian Ocean and it can take six weeks to get a permit for a service engineer to get onboard if there is a problem.

“When the vessel went offshore, the crew discovered there were certain issues with the telephone system but Imtech Marine was able to carry out a remote repair, ensuring that we had the telephone lines in all of the right positions on the ship and that all the connections were there for ingoing and outgoing calls,” he said.

“But imagine if this had happened and we had to wait for an engineer to get a permit.”

This remote maintenance is managed by Imtech at three dedicated Global Technical Assistance Centres in Rotterdam, Houston and Singapore.

“By monitoring the systems 24 hours a day we can see if there is trouble with the internet, for instance, and restore connections before the crew even notices,” said Frank Berends, Radio Holland manager technical helpdesk.

“We are able to tackle the issues in real time, while the vessel is sailing.”

One way that this kind of support can prevent problems is through temperature monitoring.

“When a working temperature is between 40-50 degrees Celsius, we can take action if we see it getting higher, thus preventing any problems before the equipment starts to fail,” said Mr Berends.

“By monitoring, we can carry out preventive maintenance and avert mass failure of equipment or we can advise the crew to take action if we cannot repair it remotely. Then Imtech Marine can get the right spare parts and an engineer ready for the next port of call.”

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