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UKHO launches guide to use of ENCs

The UKHO, via its Admiralty brand, has launched a series of new publications and training products aimed at assisting seafarers in the move to digital navigation, called 'The Admiralty Guide to the Practical use of ENCs'.

“To deliver the benefits of ECDIS navigation, it is essential that bridge watchkeepers feel confident in the use of the technology and data at their disposal,” said Admiralty’s CEO, Ian Moncrieff.

“While there are many courses that offer training in the use of generic and type-specific ECDIS to comply with STCW regulations, there is little available that focuses specifically on the practical guidance to using ENCs or cover the interaction between ENCs and the various ECDIS systems.”

“The Admiralty Practical Use of ENCs series of tools has been designed to fill this gap. It has been written especially for the seagoer and contains a wealth of clear practical explanation and guidance crafted by experienced users and validated by key maritime college staff.”

The new series of products includes two new Nautical Publications. The first, NP231, the Admiralty Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs, is an illustrated hardback publication with screenshots, tips and hints on getting the most from ENCs.

Admiralty is also publishing a new supporting reference guide: NP5012 the Admiralty Guide to ENC Symbols used in ECDIS. Both publications are available through the Admiralty Distributor Network.

A new one day training course, called 'The Admiralty Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs' has also been created and is delivered by the in-house Admiralty team. This instructor-led course is designed specifically for nationally accredited maritime lecturers or industry training professionals.

A supporting computer-based training (CBT) course of the same name is available on CD with a run time of around 4 hours, designed to complement the instructor-led training and new nautical publications.


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