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JRC ECDIS to include Information Overlay

Japan Radio Company (JRC) reports that it has issued a software update (V56) which makes the Admiralty Information Overlay available on all of its current ECDIS models.

The Admiralty Information Overlay, a free service to Admiralty Vector Chart Service customers, is used to view chart information when navigating with electronic navigational charts (ENCs).

The Overlay is the only available service to include worldwide Admiralty Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners and new ENC Preliminary Notices to Mariners, which identify navigationally significant differences between ENCs and Admiralty paper charts.

The system automatically manages Admiralty updates to ENCs using information in the weekly ‘Notices to Mariners’ used to manually update paper charts.

The Overlay is also the only service to include the results of the Admiralty Assurance Programme, a review of the world’s ENCs undertaken by Admiralty in order to identify and resolve navigationally significant differences with existing paper charts.

The Information Overlay is available free to Admiralty Vector Chart Service customers and can be accessed on a PC using Admiralty e-Navigator, as well as via a number of ECDIS systems.

JRC’s V56 software update is applicable for B-type ECDIS models JAN-901B/701B/2000/1186 and NDC-1186-4xx.

JRC has also made available a software upgrade (V55) for ECDIS models affected by the anomalies identified in the IHO Check Dataset earlier this year. Any ECDIS models affected by the anomalies will need to run software upgrade V55 before attempting to install the Admiralty Information Overlay software update (V56).

Further details and download instructions for all of these updates are available on the JRC website.

“Admiralty sets the benchmark for accurate ENCs with the Admiralty Vector Chart Service. Most of our ECDIS customers rely on Admiralty data for their primary navigation, so it’s important for them to have access to this additional information in a simple, integrated way,” said Tamiho Shinya, JRC.

“By delivering compatibility with the Overlay on our newest ECDIS models, our customers can plan and execute voyages with improved safety and ease, and more easily demonstrate compliance during Port State Control inspections.”

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