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Another Flag State approval for Admiralty Digital Publications

Japan has approved the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office’s (UKHO) range of Admiralty Digital Publications, meaning that the 5,418 vessels under the Japanese flag can now use the official electronic alternatives to Admiralty publications.

With the addition of Japan, Admiralty Digital Publications have been approved by 16 of the 20 largest Flag States, including Panama, Liberia and the Marshall Islands.

As signatories to the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Convention, Flag State authorities are responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the Convention are met for those vessels under their jurisdiction. Flag State approval for Admiralty Digital Publications permits their vessels to use these digital versions for navigational purposes.

Admiralty Digital Publications include digital versions of UKHO’s List of Lights (providing light and fog signal information), Radio Signals Volume 6 (offering maritime radio communications and pilot services information), and TotalTide (a tidal prediction programme). They are electronically updated on a weekly basis.

Since the beginning of this year, Portugal, Mongolia, Honduras, Nicaragua, the UAE, the Seychelles – and Japan – have issued a formal approval. In total, 60 Flag States have now approved Admiralty Digital Publications, covering a large majority of the world’s vessels.

“Whether it is light and fog signal information, radio communications, pilot services or tidal predictions, Admiralty Digital Publications not only offer exactly the same data content as their paper versions, they also provide more flexible ways of viewing and searching for information,” said Jo Washington, product manager for Admiralty Digital Publications at UKHO.

“Updates are provided electronically every week and take just seconds to apply, greatly reducing the time involved in manual corrections and the risk of human error. Shipping companies can find out more about a free trial of Admiralty Digital Publications by contacting their local distributor of Admiralty products.”

Ian Moncrieff, Chief Executive of the UK Hydrographic Office, added: “Admiralty Digital Publications are designed to meet SOLAS carriage requirements and are relied upon by mariners around the world for their voyage planning needs as the shipping industry continues its transition to digital navigation. It is welcome news that more Flag States are recognising the additional benefit to the mariner of digital products and are approving their use.”

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