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Meridian gyros get China type approval

Teledyne TSS, a UK-based manufacturer of gyro compasses, has announced that the China Classification Society has granted type approval to its Meridian Standard and Meridian Surveyor gyros.

Teledyne TSS notes that this approval opens the Chinese shipbuilding and offshore survey markets for these products.

“The Chinese market is very important to us,” said Brian Huntsman, vice president and general manager of Teledyne TSS. “Obtaining type approval for China required a major investment by our company but I am confident that it will prove worthwhile.”

The Meridian range is already IMO, Wheelmark and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping approved. Teledyne says that more than 4,000 gyrocompasses are in use aboard ships, boats and submersible craft.

Positioned at the top of that range is the Meridian Surveyor, which Teledyne describes as a high-precision gyrocompass capable of providing dynamic heading accuracies of ±0.2⁰ even in extreme sea conditions. With a settle time of 40 minutes, the instrument can maintain heading accuracies through turn rates as high as 200⁰ per second, says its manufacturer.

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