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BCG updates Rapid Radar Plotting aid software

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) has released an updated version of its Rapid Radar Plotting software to assist those tasked with teaching Rapid Radar Plotting or the use of Manoeuvring Boards to maritime students.

The software can be used as a plotting program with printed output or as a teaching tool. Techniques can be demonstrated for using radar to plot contacts and for determining information based on plots.

Plots, for up to six contacts, are produced by entering points graphically with the mouse, or numerically using range and bearing entries. From these plots, the program displays the relative motion of contacts and determines information about the system of plotted points.

The ‘E-R’, ‘R-M’, and ‘E-M’ vector lines are automatically displayed and updated as course/speed changes are made.

Scott Pugh, Simulation Sales and Marketing for BCG, said: “This software would be ideal for any classroom that currently uses older teaching aids like a large laminated plotting sheet or an overhead projector with grease pens.”

Students can still use pencil and paper plotting aids and the instructor can use the Rapid Radar Plotting Software to quickly and cleanly illustrate the radar plot solution on a computer connected to a projector, or each student can alternatively have their own copy of the software to learn the fundamentals in a digital environment.

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