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NaviTab e-publications system launched by Nautisk

Thomas Fjeld, Nautisk CEO Thomas Fjeld, Nautisk CEO

Chart distributor Nautisk has launched its new NaviTab system, a product which aims to replace a vessel’s onboard Navigational Publication library with an electronic database housed on a tablet computer.

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The NaviTab is presented on a touchscreen Lenovo Think Pad 10 and comes pre-loaded with hundreds of relevant publications, which can be updated up to a total capacity of 120GB. It is also IP54 Certified and comes with a rugged case.

“Currently, all vessels sailing global routes must carry a full portfolio of navigational publications (NPs) in order to sail compliantly and meet SOLAS Regulation. These NPs include a number of IMO Publications, Sailing Directions, Pilot Guides, Radio Signals and list of lights,” said Nautisk CEO Thomas Fjeld.  

“Having to carry this amount of hardback books on the bridge of a vessel where space is already at a premium can be challenging for most shipowners and navigating officers. In addition to storage issues, each and every publication needs to be manually updated for the latest corrections, an exercise which can be extremely time consuming and one which potentially offers a chance of human error.”

“NaviTab is a brand new solution developed by our team of experts that we expect to revolutionise the way vessels manage their onboard NPs. NaviTab stores hundreds of up to date NPs on one single tablet device, which is updated automatically and can be used by shore based and onboard teams.”

NaviTab’s built-in search engine automatically locates the latest available publications in a vessels’ holdings and licenses latest editions as and when they are available. 

Users can search to find the relevant publication for a particular voyage, bookmark notes or add their own. Information and notes can be cross referenced and highlighted using a hand written text recognition feature.

“Every year, chart distributors such as Nautisk ship hundreds of tons of paper publications to fleets all over the world,” said Peter Pran, Nautisk head of global sales.

“Due to their urgent nature, most of these shipments are airfreighted. Switching to NaviTab’s complete digital library allows a greener form of shipping, with less strain on the environment and a smaller carbon footprint.” 

“NaviTab is an all-in-one solution that once purchased, does not require any complex user training, licence costs or upgrade fees. In fact, all that is required is an internet connection. We are confident that the investment that customers make with NaviTab will offset their usual freight fees in just one year.”


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