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MPC Container Ships supports Eyesea’s pollution reporting app

MPC Container Ships has announced its support and membership of the recently launched Eyesea initiative. Eyesea is developing a maritime pollution reporting and mapping smartphone application through the use of geotagged pictures.

CEO Constantin Baack commented: "The Eyesea app proposes a simple yet effective way for the broader shipping industry to leverage its presence on the world’s oceans to enhance maritime protection and conservation.

"Our crews have the high seas as their workplace and care deeply about ocean health. Moreover, our vessels operate in parts of the globe accessible to few others. With a combined 80,000 commercial ships navigating the world’s oceans, the shipping industry has a unique opportunity to monitor and report on marine pollution. The data we can collect and compile will in turn have a profound impact on our ability to target areas in need of attention and solutions in need of development. As such, Eyesea comes across as a good match for the ESG commitment of both MPC Container Ships and the broader MPC Group."

Graeme Somerville-Ryan, founder of Eyesea, said: "MPC Container Ships was the first major shipowner to see the potential of Eyesea, and their support have acted as an accelerator to other industry participants. Constantin Baack, Teodor Teigen and MPC Group representative Dr. Ignace Van Meenen offered their time, experience and valued advice, all of which were critical as we scoped out the project. The MPCC team all volunteered to part-take in Eyesea’s governance team and have really championed the idea."

Mr Baack commented on the difficulties facing both maritime start-ups and environmentally-focused projects: "Selling ideas to shipowners is not an easy quest, but Eyesea require access to commercial vessels and their crews to test and refine its data collection capabilities. In our view, Eyesea as a concept is well overdue and represents an opportunity for shipowners and managers alike to advance their engagement for conserving and sustainably using the oceans and marine resources.

“Our seafarers and on-shore staff, cargo owners and the general public all express a desire for ocean protection. Eyesea fits well with our ESG commitments, but is more than a box-check exercise or sustainability report feature. A small difference is made every time one of our crew members collects pollution data. Understanding what is out there is an important first step towards cleaning up and changing the way our oceans are treated. For these reasons, MPC Container Ships is proud to be engaged with Eyesea."

Eyesea is set up as a non-profit society and is made up of members of the shipping and maritime community. The Eyesea app is currently being tested on board commercial vessels and amongst community volunteers and recreational boat users. Once beta testing is complete, the Eyesea app will be made available to the general public.

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