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P&O launches wearable fatigue management technology

SmartCap SmartCap

P&O Maritime Logistics has begun Phase 1 of its implementation of wearable technology that proactively prevents microsleeps and supports workers in managing their fatigue.

SmartCap from Wenco International Mining Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery, has previously been used in the mining and trucking industries to eliminate safety incidents due to fatigue.

P&O Maritime is testing the effectiveness of this technology to bring leading-edge safety to its operations and customers.

The wearable technology actively monitors real-time fatigue levels of employees, sensing when a worker has reduced ability to resist sleep. The system then activates an alert system, notifying the wearer to take action to prevent a safety incident. SmartCap works independently but has been designed to complement existing safety technologies and protocols common throughout heavy industry.

According to P&O, companies that have used SmartCap as part of their safety protocols have reported a significant decline in the number of fatigue-related incidents.

After the conclusion of the initial 90-day phase, which began on July 27 with a group of employees at the Jebel Ali port in Dubai, P&O Maritime Logistics will assess the success of the system and how to integrate it across its entire network.

A key element of SmartCap technology is that it puts wearers in charge of managing their fatigue by sending them private early warning alerts. By keeping the alert private to wearers rather than triggering a central alert, SmartCap empowers workers to act on their fatigue pre-emptively with a proven scoring system that pinpoints propensity to resist sleep.

At P&O Maritime Logistics, SmartCap is intended to complement existing safety and fatigue management systems and protocols. Crew always have the right and responsibility to stop working if they ever feel too tired.

SmartCap also assists P&O Maritime Logistics in eliminating fatigue-related incidents through escalated intervention alarms that are customised to local fatigue management policies. The technology can be adapted to various vessel operating requirements, including crew work hours and rotations.

“I’m incredibly proud that P&O Maritime Logistics is leading our industry by piloting this innovative safety technology. We’re always looking for ways that we can boost the safety of our crews and empower them to ensure that safety is always front of mind,” said Martin Helweg, CEO of P&O Maritime Logistics.

“As P&O Maritime Logistics is a tech-driven business, the SmartCap system is an exciting way we can look to introduce innovative solutions that help in our efforts to continuously boost our high safety standards. With technology such as SmartCap, it also gives us a high-level view of our safety programme and will help us track fatigue across our crews.

“I look forward to seeing the results of the pilot and to working closely with Wenco International Mining Systems on understanding how this tech can become integrated into our safety systems.”

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