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Intellian launches multi-region Ku-band LNB

Intellian has launched a new Ku-Band PLL LNB module, which the company says can be used in all regions and across all satellite frequencies as the world’s first Ku-band LNB module capable of receiving a full range of operating frequencies from any VSAT satellite.

The company notes that the technology should help operators to deal with any changes in the future operational regions of their vessels or changes in service providers, as they would no longer need to change the LNB in their Ku-band antenna.

Users can define the required LO (Local Oscillator) frequency or select from a pre-programmed LO library in the Intellian antenna control unit. The PLL LNB incorporates user programmable support of an unlimited number of LO frequencies.

The set up procedure can be handled using remote IP access, and the unit is also compliant with OpenAMIP to allow control from the iDirect Hub infrastructure.

Designed and manufactured by Intellian specifically for marine VSAT, the Global PLL LNB has a highest frequency stability of + 10KHz as standard, and will operate over the a range of standard LO frequencies, as well as any special dedicated frequencies.

The new LNB is now available as standard for all Intellian Ku-band VSAT series antennas.


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