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High throughput satellite remote introduced by iDirect

Key performance statistics for the Evolution X7 remote, the first in a family of next-generation remotes that have been optimised for Adaptive TDMA throughput performance and operate with high throughput satellites, have been released by iDirect.

Built on a new multi-core hardware system, iDirect says that the X7 can reach up to 100 Mbps of combined inbound and outbound throughput, with more than 20 Mbps on the return channel.

The Evolution X7 uses dual DVB-S2 demodulators with fully independent RF chains, supporting voice and data services while simultaneously receiving up to 12 shared, high-definition multicast channels over the same or a second transponder or satellite.

The X7 also features an embedded 8-port switch for physically segregating multiple end user traffic groups based on VLAN tags. The new remote also comes with multiple embedded PSU configurations to power higher wattage BUCs.

The company says that the X7 will enable service providers to deliver high-bandwidth data rates while utilizing the platform’s Adaptive TDMA shared return. For example, service providers in maritime would be able to deliver basic voice and data traffic, while also managing bandwidth-heavy business applications and multicast services like IP TV.

“With the X7 iDirect has achieved a breakthrough in packets-per-second performance,” said Dave Bettinger, chief technology officer, iDirect.

“Our partners can now deliver data speeds on a TDMA platform that until now have only been possible on an SCPC dedicated link. This is just the first step in our ambitious plan to equip our partners to meet escalating customer demands for satellite bandwidth, while capturing the market opportunities that high throughput satellites will bring.”

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