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MTN and BATS exclusive partnership

MTN Satellite Communications (MTN) is going to partner with Broadband Antenna Tracking and Stabilization (BATS) to deliver the BATS wireless system to cruise, ferry and large yacht markets.

Florida-based MTN has announced both companies had entered into an exclusive partnership to offer those vessels in-port and near-port maritime wireless broadband.

BATS is a hybrid network service, leveraging both satellite and terrestrial broadband. It provides a software and hardware platform that locates, locks and tracks wireless broadband access points.

The system also delivers an automated connection to communications antennas.

MTN says this is “ideal” for vessels that are entering and leaving ports with obstructed terrain and buildings.

“It is imperative that we provide the industry’s best terrestrial connectivity in and near-ports,” commented Bob Wise, chief innovation officer, MTN.

“The BATS solution is one that proved to not only meet, but exceed, our customer requirements, as well as address the unique make-up of each port around the world.”

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