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CrewCommCenter on 3,000 vessels

SMSGlobal has announced that 3,000 vessels are now equipped with its CrewCommCenter system.

The Hong Kong company launched the maritime service 10 years ago as a simple two-way e-mail and SMS messaging system. CrewCommCenter has since evolved into a communications platform.

SMSGlobal says that 120,000 seafarers use it, sending an average of 2.2 million messages a month. Besides e-mails and SMS, they can read News from home in 14 multilingual editions, consult the Fleet Announcements Board, browse the internet, and converse through low data Instant Messaging.

SMSGlobal says that its software-based solution addresses the concerns of shipowners. Cost is predictable as there are fixed monthly charges for each module and limits are set for sending and receiving messages. Security is protected through access restrictions, content control, and whitelisting or blacklisting of sites. And the system can be administered remotely to ease maintenance.

SMSGlobal says that CrewCommCenter will soon feature Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) environments, seafarer-focused social networking portals, iOS or Android apps, online gaming, VoIP, video chatting and personalised content.

This article has been amended on August 2 to correct an error, which stated that SMSGlobal was headquartered in Australia rather than Hong Kong. We apologise for any confusion caused.

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