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C-Bird trialled in Germany

A ship management company in Germany is to begin a trial of the C-Bird VSAT system from Maritime Broadband, following a recent agreement.

The Hamburg-based shipping company has not been named, though installation of the trial system has been confirmed to have been scheduled for October on the East Coast of the US.

This trial contract is a result of a new agency agreement whereby Nordic IT Marine Communications in Germany has been appointed as Maritime Broadband's agent in the country. The company trialling the system is one of Nordic IT’s German clients.

“Working with Nordic IT offers Maritime Broadband the very best foothold in the important German marketplace,” said Mary Ellen Kramer, CEO of Maritime Broadband.

“The company is extremely well respected in the shipping community in Germany. Nordic IT has over 800 vessels and shore-side users taking advantage of their optimised software and hardware solutions. We are excited to offer our premium global VSAT package to their clients.”

Heiko Hoefer, owner of Nordic IT Marine Communications, also commented that he believes C-Bird has the ability to change how communication is done in the maritime industry.

“Until now, C-band has been unavailable to the commercial shipping market world, because of its size and weight, making it impossible to fit. C-Bird changes all that. It is easy to assemble and offers affordable service,” he said.

“Ship managers and owners have shown great interest in the benefits that the C-Bird antenna makes easy, such as a global reach, easy assembly, and affordable pricing including unlimited data at the contracted speed. Added to that, the crew can finally feel closer to the world by getting all the voice and unlimited data functions that they would get at home.”

“I am very excited about the prospects for the coming months and years as I believe that the C-Bird will not only be of interest to my existing clients, but also open new client avenues as well.”

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