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Maritime entertainment delivery service launched

UK-based company Satstream Media has announced the launch of SatstreamNet, a multicast-IP content delivery network developed specifically for the maritime industry.

SatstreamNet uses onboard VSAT or TVRO antennas to receive media streams providing over the air content to vessels on separate satellite channels, which the company says can be done without impacting the ship's existing communications networks.

It notes that because the network operates using IP multicast, it does not need to be integrated into the onboard operational communications network as there is no return channel data. SatstreamNet delivers live video and audio streams as well as file-based content to a Media Gateway installed on the ship, which is connected to a standard TV set. A handheld remote control is used to select content from a list of menu options.

The company says that, because SatstreamNet operates independently of the operational communications network, it has developed a Roaming Controller to support the movement of the vessel across multiple satellite beams during the course of its journey.

"With SatstreamNet we are aiming to work with a few select VSAT service providers to enable them to provide rich content to their customers," said Rob Urwin, director of Satstream Media.

"We believe the timing is right, especially now that MLC2006 has been ratified and is now in force in most countries, to start adding value to the customer base beyond a standard broadband service offering."

"We are not standing still however, as we are already thinking into the future with the development of a software upgrade to support the streaming of Pay-Per-Download content. This will enable content to be streamed to the crews’ hand-held devices such as smart phones or tablets by connecting their Media Gateway to an onboard Wi-Fi network. Software upgrades can be downloaded to the on-board equipment over the satellite so there is no need to return the equipment to add new features."

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