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100Mbps VSAT

Marine VSAT provider OmniAccess says it has launched a 100Mbps dedicated VSAT service for the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

The upgraded Broadbeam Ultra variant is based on iDirect's next-generation X7 modem platform and XipLink’s WAN optimisation appliance.

OmniAccess says that, by leveraging the maximum efficiency of the X7 and Xiplink combo, it can offer a 100Mbps single-link VSAT service to customers across the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

The company says that the service has been designed to meet the high throughput requirements of demanding users who are increasingly using bandwidth-hungry applications and IPTV streaming solutions, such as the upcoming High Definition Plexus TV services.

Earlier this year, OmniAccess was appointed as a launch customer for iDirect's next-generation platform and is now deploying the X7 satellite modems on-board its vessels and upgrading its ground infrastructure to the new Evolution iDX 3.2 software.

With the X7's built-in support, customers can upgrade to OmniAccess' latest offering without the need to change the existing iDirect VSAT platform.

The provider says that, unlike other TDMA service standards that peak at 15 Mbps, its BroadBEAM Ultra 100 is capable of exceeding these limitations whilst still using the prevailing TDMA iDirect architecture.

“We set a new standard for high speed marine internet two years ago when we launched our Broadbeam Ultra 20 Mbps service,” said commercial director Carlos Carbajal.

“Following our strive to offer cutting edge services we’ve pushed the boundaries even further and are now able to offer five times the bandwidth of what used to be the fastest VSAT package available.”

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