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RedPort introduces Optimizer Crew router

RedPort Global has launched its new Optimizer Crew satellite broadband Wi-Fi router, to be used for managing access to onboard communications systems.

Optimizer Crew lets users share and control access to a satellite broadband or GSM data service via a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.The system provides firewalling, filtering, routing, PIN-code access control and local GPS repeating. It also works with the company's RedPort Mail application for access to e-mail and web compression services, as well as GPS tracking via RedPort tracking or any GsatTrack-based service.

RedPort Mail includes an option allowing users to access free GRIB files via e-mail from a number of online services, showing weather and oceanographic data with a compatible GRIB file viewer.

Optimizer Crew users can additionally access GSM services via an optional GSM modem and their own SIM card.

"Satellite and GSM airtime costs can add up quickly if a network is left unoptimised. Network managers need to protect themselves against runaway usage, while getting the most out of their valuable satellite airtime. Optimizer Crew does exactly that," said Dr Luis Soltero, CTO of RedPort Global.

"Until now, routers with these features were too expensive or not designed for satellite installations. Optimiser Crew provides everything you need to manage your network and control costs, at a price anyone can afford."

The router includes a captive portal for operations or crew internet access, which can be controlled by MB usage or by time of day. It can also be used to turn any IP-based satellite data signal into a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

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