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Kit to automate C- to-Ku-band switch on Sea Tel 9797B

Sea Tel 97IMA Ku Switchable Feed Upgrade Kit Sea Tel 97IMA Ku Switchable Feed Upgrade Kit Cobham SATCOM

Cobham SATCOM has developed a switchable feed kit for its Sea Tel 9797B antenna, which automates the process of transitioning the antenna from C-band service to Ku-band service.

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The patent-pending upgrade kit eliminates the need to manually change feeds and re-balance the antenna. It can be fitted to existing Sea Tel 9797B antennas and chosen for new deliveries.

Cobham notes that its Sea Tel 9797B VSAT antenna is generally deployed in high-end, customised VSAT networks for large, specialist vessels such as cruise ships, research ships,  jack-up rigs and FPSOs. With the ability to switch, a cruise ship sailing out of Ku-band coverage for instance can continue to provide bandwidth for passengers by switching to C-band VSAT services.

“Prior to the development of our new kit, switching between bands on the Sea Tel 9797B required a trained technician to manually change feeds, connect the wave guide plumbing, change wiring and re-balance the antenna, which takes at least half a day,” said chief engineer Pete Blaney.

The newly developed kit automates the process.

The Sea Tel 97IMA Ku Switchable Feed Upgrade Kit adds a permanently installed Ku-band feed along with a moveable sub-reflector, which swings into position on an electric motor. The Ku-band feed illuminates the sub-reflector, which bounces the signal down to the main reflector.

“Now, without the need for human intervention and considering that a vessel may change VSAT bands semi-regularly, our new solution will provide significant cost savings during the lifetime of the antenna, whilst increasing the amount of opportunities when the switching capability can be implemented to ensure availability of VSAT services,” said Mr Blaney.


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