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World's first tri-band antenna launched with Harris CapRock One Featured

The Harris CapRock One service will be able to connect to C-, Ku- or Ka-band with a single antenna The Harris CapRock One service will be able to connect to C-, Ku- or Ka-band with a single antenna

Harris CapRock has announced the launch of a new integrated maritime communications product called Harris CapRock One, which it says will feature the world’s first tri-band antenna capable of connecting to C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band services.

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The new service will combine a variety of shore-based wireless and 3G/4G connectivity options with MEO and GEO satellite VSAT, to offer the user the strongest connection possible in their particular location.

Changeover between the various systems will be controlled by an integrated Intelligent Communications Director (ICD) box on board, designed to monitor the connectivity options and automatically route to the best available based on speed, latency, location and cost.

The ICD will manage all aspects of the service, such as Beam Switching, IP Traffic Routing, Traffic Load Balancing and Application Routing.

For satellite connectivity, a tri-band stabilised antenna system will be included, that will allow the user to work with geostationary C-band and Ku-band VSAT, as well as mid-Earth orbit Ka-band from O3b.

The company also expects Global Xpress Ka-band to be added to this list at a later date once agreement and approvals with Inmarsat have been finalised, according to Andrew Lucas, chief technology officer at Harris CapRock.

The system can automatically switch between all three bands without any user intervention required, with the ICD monitoring signal strengths and switching seamlessly back and forth from Ka-band to Ku-band to C-band, automatically reconfiguring the antenna for the best connection possible.

The new antenna will only be available as part of the Harris CapRock One service package, and will not be sold as a stand-alone antenna unit, Mr Lucas added.

The package is being initially aimed at high-level satcom users, particularly in the cruise sector and in the oil and gas industry, and uses a 2.4 metre antenna to deliver satellite connectivity, though a 1.5 metre variant is also planned, Mr Lucas said.


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