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New report finds connectivity at sea vital to happiness

A new report from Crewtoo on the happiness levels of seafarers highlights just how important internet access has become for those working at sea, claiming many now demand it rather than simply desire it.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}The Seafarers Happiness Index surveyed 687 respondents from over 50 countries. It looked at 10 different factors that influence job satisfaction in commercial maritime, including pay, food, training, shore leave and workload.

Seafarers were asked to rate how happy they felt about the range of issues on a scale of one to 10. In response to the question ‘How happy are you about the contact you are able to have with your family when you are at sea?’ the average score was 6.76.

This was the second highest score across all the topics, behind only the 6.96 rating seafarers gave in response to ‘How happy are you about interaction with other crew members onboard?’. The overall happiness score when averaged across the 10 topics was 6.42.

According to the report, there were a number of respondents who “felt strongly enough about the issue of seafarer internet access that they suggested the need for legislation, urging the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to ensure that every vessel and every seafarer should have access.”

The report says that “seafarers are willing to leave jobs or to refuse to join vessels where internet access or calls are not provided” and that the MLC is having a positive impact on connectivity at sea. There were also concerns amongst respondents that failure to deliver connectivity across the whole industry could harm the ability to attract new seafarers.

“Satisfied, well fed, fit, and engaged seafarers are vital to the present and future of the industry,” said Anneley Pickles, head of Crewtoo business development.

“Happy people stick around, happy people work well, they embrace challenges, they look to excel and share with others. In short, happiness matters and it needs to be measured, assessed, and understood. The lessons then need to be applied to ensure that we are looking after seafarers properly and responding to their wants and needs.”{/mprestriction}

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