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SNSfortech adds secure communications tool by Armour to portfolio

SigNet provides secure comms for voice, text, messaging, video and attachments. SigNet provides secure comms for voice, text, messaging, video and attachments.

Athens-based cybersecurity and data protection solutions provider SNSfortech has added SigNet by Armour, a UK-based communications solutions company, to its portfolio of communications tools for the shipping industry.

SigNet is based on the Signal app, and provides secure comms for voice, text, messaging, video and attachments. In addition, it provides enhanced security features which include:

  • One-step provisioning for end users – download the app, and they can start using it straight away
  • Anonymity and protection of privacy – users do not need to reveal their mobile number, email address or even full name in order to use the app
  • Use across multiple linked devices – the same instance of the app can be installed on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, so that information can be shared across devices securely, without ever using email
  • Note to Self facility – voice to text notes and reminders that are held within the app, and can be shared with linked devices
  • Can be installed on-premise for absolute privacy and protection of meta-data, or hosted on Armour’s secure cloud
  • An improved interface provides a great user experience

Antonios Mytilinis, director at SNSfortech commented: “Having worked with Armour for five years, the latest product SigNet has been an instant hit with our clients in the maritime sector. Clients have reported to us high rates of user adoption because SigNet is so easy to use, while supporting heightened security procedures when dealing with sensitive and private information.”

SigNet by Armour, is available for iOS and Android devices, and for use with Windows 10, macOS and Linux.

David Holman, director, Armour comms said: “Customers of SNSfortech, such as those in the maritime industry, have very stringent security requirements, not least because vessels are often required to sail through unfriendly waters. Owners are keen to protect their anonymity while still needing to convey instructions to their management teams, without fear of interception. At Armour we are committed to providing products that protect privacy, strengthen security and that people are happy to use, so that there is never a need to use a less secure alternative.”

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