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Silversea implements trim optimisation technology

Cruise operator Silversea Cruises has implemented a real-time dynamic trim optimisation technology system from Finnish company Eniram, with the hope of cutting its fuel costs by around 3 per cent on long distance voyages.

The Italian cruise operator, headquartered in Monaco, has now deployed the software on two of its long-distance cruise ships, Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper, along with onshore systems to ensure consistency when crews change on its vessels.

Eniram’s technology continually measures a vessel’s trim during a voyage and informs the crew of the optimum level, with the aim of maximising fuel efficiency while reducing emissions.

“Ships operate with big fixed costs so our aim as an operator is always to maximise efficiency,” explains Christian Sauleau, executive VP of fleet operations at Silversea.

“Fuel is one of the biggest costs, and prices have soared over the last 2-3 years so we are keen to keep associated expenditure under careful control.”

“Several other operators we know use Eniram tools and report that they are working well. We understand we can expect to make a 2-3 per cent saving on fuel, which is a conservative estimate. When you’re talking about an annual consumption rate of around 70,000 tons, the figures will soon add up.”

Silversea’s strategy has been to begin with deployment on the vessels travelling the longest distances, such as its cruise liner operating around Australia, for example.

“The technology offers maximum results at the highest speeds and for the longest distances. While we don’t have ferries, we do cover long distances,” said Mr Sauleau.

The company says that it expects to report results of the deployment within 2-3 months, following analysis of the data collected.

This will be supported by Eniram’s analytics and reporting services, also part of the agreement with Silversea, which uses the data collected from the vessels for further analysis to help the operator identify additional efficiencies.

Commenting on the deployment, Eniram’s CEO, Philip Padfield, said, “We are delighted to be working with such a prestigious and exclusive cruise operator as Silversea Cruises, and look forward to helping the company derive new efficiencies in fuel consumption and reduce environmental impact.”

Eniram’s dynamic decision support technology is used by more than 50 cruise ships, with a further 20 currently in the process of implementing the technology.

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