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Activity codes added to FuelTrax

Nautical Control Solutions (NCS) reports that it has added the ability to enter activity codes for automatic coupling of fuel usage numbers to location, date, and time to its FuelTrax fuel management system.

Wind and sea states are also included in the software’s calculations.

FuelTrax monitors fuel flow and fuel tank levels, and provides wheelhouse monitoring to allow for real-time throttle adjustments to help reduce fuel consumption.

“This effort started with our offshore support vessel customers, who have to log various activities each day as part of their charter requirements with petroleum companies,” said Anthony George, CEO of NCS.

“The process is manual and can involve different paper-based forms created in-house or provided by the oil company. It is not a difficult task but can be tedious, particularly at the end of a shift.”

“Day-to-day work can interfere with the process and the very nature of manual entry can introduce errors that can be compounded when these forms are sent to shore for manual entry into another system.”

FuelTrax’s activity logging function aims to simplify this by offering drop-down menus and pre-defined information for coding of time slices.

Preloaded activity codes can be applied using a mouse, with the data then automatically offloaded each day during a normal FuelTrax data transmission.

The activity codes are then paired with fuel data by date, time, latitude and longitude for reporting of vessel activities against fuel usage.

“By combining accurate fuel usage with the codes, customers have a clearer picture of how the vessel and crew are using fuel,” said Mr George.

“How much fuel do we use during dynamic positioning? Anchor handling? Waiting on weather? Waiting on an asset? Finding slop in the schedule or in the daily work routine that wastes fuel becomes easier.”

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