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Newcruz Offshore installs enginei

Newcruz Offshore Marine Services, a Swiber Group company, has implemented the enginei fuel management system from Royston Limited aboard its new offshore support vessel, the Swiber Carinabe, the first company in the Asian market to do so.

The Swiber Carina was launched last year as the first in a building plan for 11 vessels that will provide oilfield support services around the Malaysian Peninsula.

The system will be used to provide real time fuel consumption details on board and, simultaneously, at the company's head office. Royston says that, in separate trials, an enginei system has enabled some users to achieve fuel savings of up to 20 per cent.

Enginei can be applied to any diesel-powered vessel and works by measuring fuel flow and matching the data with the ship's GPS location. This information is used to continuously calculate a vessel’s 'miles per gallon' and to correlate the information with its activity and speed.

A bridge display allows Masters to consequently be continuously aware of their fuel consumption, and make adjustments to improve the balance between their speed and fuel consumed.

Similarly, operations managers ashore can use the information to deploy vessels in a timely and cost effective way.

The data on the vessel, along with its GPS location, is relayed ashore to a satellite map display which provides the ship’s superintendent with a real-time presentation of each vessel’s location and fuel consumption. A graphic overlay shows the amount of fuel being consumed at any point along its track.

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