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Crew management software from GL

GL Maritime Software has introduced its GL Crew Manager software system, used to assist in crewing, recruitment and various other aspects of human resource management.

GL says that the system could be particularly useful in ensuring that shipping companies comply with the regulations contained within the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006), which requires the documentation of many crewing processes.

These include checking that all required positions on board are filled, that the seafarers are medically fit, well trained and qualified for the duties they are assigned to, and that records are maintained of the seafarers' daily hours of work and rest.

GL Crew Manager allows for the standardisation and optimisation of many tasks involved with these processes, such as management of personal data, hiring, vacation and leave management.

The software provides a graphical view of the current and planned assignments for each individual vessel, and automatically matches crew availability and suitability with vessel manning requirements.

An optional on-board system also supports on-board management of crew data, certificates and licences, registration of resting hours and wage calculations, which can help in proving compliance during on-board audits.

The system generates a pre-audit checklist for MLC audits, with the required documentary evidence, while also highlighting items of non-compliance which need to be addressed.

The data generated can be accessed anywhere, through a remotely managed server, with role based users access levels determined by the user's login.

An intelligent data transfer routine allows synchronisation of the data between office and any vessels using the optional onboard system.

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