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AWT adds ECA zone calculator

Applied Weather Technology (AWT) has added Emission Control Areas (ECAs) and calculation tools to evaluate the most cost effective voyage track within these zones to its BVS onboard software platform.

Using the latest version of BVS, vessels can manage their voyage track by displaying ECA zones and making them 'no-go' areas. By doing this, they can see their voyage track outside and inside the ECA zones.

Moving waypoints within the software allows captains to visualise the impact of time in the ECA zone and compare it to the overall effect of time en route, helping them to judge the optimal route for their purposes.

“With BVS’s ECA zone calculation tools, captains can make informed decisions about how much time to sail inside or outside these zones,” said Rich Brown, vice president of product management, AWT.

“Our goal is to give captains and ship operators the data they need to manage voyage costs while complying with IMO regulations.”

North America Emissions Control Area (ECA) zones came into force on August 1, 2012. The regulation is part of Annex VI to the MARPOL Convention titled 'Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships'.

The regulation dictates that the ECA Zones extend up to 200 nautical miles (NM) from the coasts of the United States and Canada, including a portion of the Hawaiian Islands (exceptions to this area include the Aleutian Islands and Arctic waters of North America).

In the ECA zones, ships are required to burn fuel with sulphur content not exceeding 1 per cent.

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