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Mastermind introduces Engine Management Concept

Capt Eugen Adami, Mastermind Shipmanagement Capt Eugen Adami, Mastermind Shipmanagement

Cyprus based Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd, with assistance from software provider SpecTec, is to create a direct interactive link between the Mastermind and MAN Diesel & Turbo AMOS databases.

Mastermind’s use of SpecTec’s AMOS system in the maintenance of its assets has already been facilitated through the provision of Shipdex data provided by MAN Diesel (MDT), but the new Engine Management Concept (EMC) agreement signed between Mastermind and MAN Diesel aims to further optimise the running condition of the ship engines.

SpecTec will provide the technical backbone for the project, which it is hoped will help to reduce maintenance and spare parts costs, as well as helping to run the engines as efficiently as possible and reduce emissions.

The vessels participating in this project have been delivered from the shipyard with their engine and turbo charger documentation in Shipdex format. SpecTec has supported MAN Diesel in the production and configuration of the Shipdex dataset and has merged the data into the existing Mastermind database.

MAN Diesel technical experts will now be able to view the maintenance logs and history of the engines as well as spare parts consumption in the AMOS database, in order to monitor and assess their operating parameters and running condition.

To achieve this, SpecTec has created access control for Man Diesel users into the Mastermind AMOS database, though the flow of data exchange is controlled by Mastermind’s headquarters as data is collected from the vessels into the central office database and sent from there to the AMOS installation at MAN Diesel premises.

AMOS replication rules have been created that only allow for the exchange of those records related to the MAN B&W engines.

“In Mastermind we want to run our engines at all times in the best possible operational range and condition. After a long study we are convinced that the maker is the best to judge what needs to be done on his equipment,” said Capt Eugen Adami, managing director, Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd.

“Having the full trust in MDT we decided to let them have all our maintenance and operational data. But the data is so complex that neither MDT nor Mastermind could ever succeed to develop a proper data exchange and management. SpecTec, AMOS and Shipdex came to rescue this project.”

“I have to express my sincere thanks to SpecTec, AMOS, Shipdex and the EMC framework who made it possible to complete our most pioneering project. Throughout the implementation process it was wonderful to see such professionalism in all involved companies (with many different nationalities), and to see them dedicate so much effort to making our project a success.”

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