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Cooperation leads to new training programmes

Seagull has entered into a cooperation agreement with Danish maritime training provider Marstal Navigationsskole (MARNAV) for the development of range of new courses, while Videotel has also worked with the North of England P&I Association in launching its latest training programme.

MARNAV's cooperation with Seagull begins with the launch of three computer based training modules on Tank Cleaning.

These modules cover Introduction and Safety; The Principles of Tank Cleaning; and The Planning of Tank Cleaning Operations.

The course participants are taken through all the general procedures in connection with the task of cleaning tanks on board oil and chemical tankers. Safety requirements, procedures, planning, risks and hazards as well as the potential environmental and financial impact are all dealt with.

The aim of the modules is to enable the participants to describe the need for safety in tank cleaning operations as well as identifying the common safety hazards. They should also be able to state the safety precautions that should be taken to avoid special hazards and to recognise the best practices and guidelines for tank cleaning.

To assist in achieving this aim a number of quizzes have been included in the modules as well as pictures, illustrations and video clips.

Søren Vest, general manager, head of marine QA, at Nordic Tankers Marine of Denmark was actively involved in the development of the Tank Cleaning eCourse.

He says that: “The Tank Cleaning e-Course offers a unique possibility to enhance the skills and qualifications of everyone involved in the tank cleaning process, from the commercial staff at the office closing the deal for a specific cargo to the AB on board the vessel performing the physical tasks necessary to get the desired result.”

“Based on our experience so far, this course is worth every cent and then some in saved expenses since we now, even more than before, avoid excessive cleaning and at the same time have had fewer cases where tanks have been rejected. And we fully expect this positive development to continue with more and more of our crew and staff taking the course.”

Videotel meanwhile has launched The Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence, a new training programme produced in association with the North of England P&I Association Limited and focusing on the importance of collecting and preserving good factual evidence in the event of incidents on board.

The International Safety Management (ISM) code requires companies to have in place a comprehensive safety management system. However, Videotel says that it is all too easy during times of pressure, such as during an incident, for seafarers to become distracted and rely upon memory and instinct.

This new programme aims to make clear that properly recorded notes become factual evidence, making investigations by surveyors, lawyers and others faster and more accurate. It also aims to create an increased awareness of potential problems, preventing subsequent injury and making life safer for everyone on board.

“Good evidence is not subject to debate,” said Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel.

“No one wants to hear that improper procedures have led to a situation being left open to question, or that common errors have been made. The ISM code is very clear – and as well as protecting a business from maritime claims it also provides the individual seafarer with a proper defence to the threat of criminal prosecution.”

“The professional seafarer needs to understand that properly recorded information becomes evidence, that collecting and documenting evidence must be part of shipboard routine. Should an incident unexpectedly turn out to be a reportable injury, and proper systems and procedures have been seen to be carried out, then the actions and professionalism of all involved are not open to question.”

The Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence is available in DVD format with supporting workbook, as interactive CD-ROM and through Videotel’s Videotel on Demand (VOD) system.

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