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Anti-piracy software launched

Marine MTS, based in Aberdeen, UK, has developed a new Sentinel software system which aims to combat piracy by tracking user vessels remotely.

The application allows the user to plot a safe route through problem areas and automatically alerts emergency or military services should something unusual happen on board. The ships are tracked using a newly developed technology called Loc8.

The company says that Sentinel also offers additional covert capabilities which will not be advertised to ensure that users have an advantage in their battle against piracy, and that all buyers will be vetted prior to having the product supplied to ensure that the technology stays on the “right side.”

Combining weather information and security data, the software will allow the user to plot the optimum route to take to minimise the piracy threat, monitoring any other vessels in the surrounding area, including their real time movements, with resulting data viewable on land, at a head office or emergency response centre.

Any deviation in planned course or speed would automatically spark an alert to nominated security forces.

“It’s hard to believe that current software on the market doesn’t track all the factors that might put a ship at risk, but that’s the case,” said Wynne Edwards, managing director of Marine MTS.

“Sentinel allows the user vessel to be monitored from a land base anywhere in the world, so that no matter where the ship is, its operator or owner can foresee problems that the onboard crew may not be in a position to spot, or communicate.”

“Until now, the answer to anti-piracy has involved increasing armed presence on board vessels. This can escalate the problem in the long term, as data suggests that pirates are undeterred by this greater risk, and merely respond by ‘upping their game’ – given that the reward is still considerable. Increased vigilance via technology is a proactive approach that can become a long term option.”

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