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Environmental manager from ABS

ABS has announced the release of a new Energy & Environmental Manager module for its NS5 Enterprise asset management software system.

The Energy & Environmental Manager aims to help owners and operators to manage voyages in an environmentally sound fashion by tracking and recording voyage-related events such as fuel and lube oil consumption, fuel oil switching, cargo information and ballast activities.

Centralising this real-time environmental and energy data collection should provide operators with an improved ability to perform tracking, trending, and reporting of the information required for various regulation requirements, including Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans, ballast water management and MARPOL VI (fuel switching).

The module also trends performance data at a ship and fleet level, to maximise identified operational efficiencies.

A Trim Optimization tool has additionally been added, which adds trim and draft optimisation through the performance of multiple analyses to obtain the best ballast configuration to achieve minimum hull resistance.

“One of the biggest challenges facing the marine and offshore industries is how to successfully meet changing environmental regulatory requirements,” says ABS president and CEO Christopher Wiernicki.

“ABS is systematically combining traditional class services with innovative products and services to support compliance efforts and improve vessel performance.”

“Our objective at ABS is to provide a complete approach to shipowners and operators in meeting their operational and regulatory goals.”

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