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MarineLink to overhaul e-commerce platform

MarineLink, the maritime e-commerce service provided by EVRY, has announced the launch of the next generation of its SupplierOnline application.

The new system will be launched on the 5th January 2013, and will introduce a number of improvements for shipping companies and suppliers looking to connect with one another.

Since its inception, MarineLink has had three main products for its suppliers: SupplierAttach, SupplierOnline and SupplierLink.

SupplierAttach featured an Excel spreadsheet, sent via e-mail and handled and stored locally before being returned to MarineLink by e-mail again. The company says that, though free to use, this product was simplistic and limited, and will be discontinued in 2013.

The SupplierOnline service is a web based system, also free to use, which has had three major overhauls since its initial launch, and is the service that will be the subject of the 2013 updates.

Upcoming improvements to this system will include a direct link to products within an e-mail notification, availability of attachments in Quotes and POC (PDF, JPG, XLSX, DOCX etc), an option to perform 'batch select' functions, and better control of data processing.

Users of the SupplierAttach service will be migrated to the new SupplierOnline service when the former is discontinued.

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