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Software produces 5.8% fuel saving for Bore

Finnish shipping company Bore has announced that it has verified a 5.8 per cent reduction in fuel consumption following a trial of an electronic SEEMP (ship energy efficiency management plan) software system.

The company says that its 89-day sea trial of the NAPA for Operations SEEMP software, conducted between April and July 2012 along routes between Cadiz and Naples and Cadiz and Pauillac, delivered calculated annual fuel savings of 320 tonnes, equivalent to $210,000 in fuel savings per annum, onboard the Ro-Ro vessel M/V Bore Sea.

Voyage reporting and electronic logbook systems were installed for a 63-day reference phase to establish the benchmark performance of the vessel before efficiency management processes were enacted for the trial.

Fuel consumption and efficiency data continued to be transmitted to shore every 10 minutes throughout the second stage of the study to give an accurate foundation for analysis.

NAPA Speed Optimiser software was implemented to enable efficiency improvements to the vessel’s speed profile, reducing the standard deviation of the speed profile from 1.6kn to 0.7kn.

Using a range of normalisation calculations NAPA says that it was able to factor out the difference in average speed, the effect of wind, and constant rpm mode to combinator mode from this result, and that the process showed that speed optimisation alone created a 5 per cent reduction in fuel consumption, with potential from trim optimisation providing another 0.8 per cent.

Through this normalisation process and data analysis, NAPA says that it could also verify additional savings of approximately 10 per cent through the use of WE Tech Solutions’ Variable Frequency Drive Shaft Generator (VFD SG) application.

“We are exceptionally pleased with the outcome of this trial of NAPA for Operations SEEMP systems,” said Jörgen Mansnerus, VP marine management, Bore.

“We challenged NAPA to prove that an electronic SEEMP could provide measurable and tangible fuel and cost savings to our fleet and this study does just that. During the benchmarking period, we saw that the business-as-usual annual consumption of M/V Bore Sea would be around 5,600 tonnes.”

“Given the 5.8 per cent savings afforded by implementing two elements of the NAPA package, we should see significant financial savings.”

Matti Salo, executive vice president, NAPA for Operations, noted that, based on his company's calculations, the savings achieved on the M/V Bore Sea equate to a 1,000 tonne annual reduction in CO2 emissions for the vessel.

“There is also potential for further savings to be achieved aboard this vessel with other elements of NAPA for Operations software, such as route optimisation, cargo positioning, ballast and fouling amongst other measures,” he said.

The International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) SEEMP legislation has become mandatory from January 2013.

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