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WaveSentry project aims for commercial service

WaveSentry, a research project on maritime forecasting backed by several industry stakeholders, is now aiming at commercial service.

The research was launched two years ago to provide an improved information and forecasting tool for managing the risks of marine operations in adverse sea states. Marine South East, which initiated the project, says that the then available tools were insufficient to display wave height, period, direction and steepness at an appropriate temporal and spatial resolution.

WaveSentry, which received funding from the Technology Strategy Board, looked into exploiting data sources such as satellite remote measurements of wave steepness and real-time buoy and ship data as part of the project.

In late April the project presented the advances it had achieved in sea-state measurement, data processing and presentation. Now, for Marine South East, time has come to build on that research and move towards a commercial service.

The Southampton company says that various datasets can be used for real-time modelling so as to provide sea-state information and forecasting. A commercial service could be made available to subscribers, with forecasts targeting specific areas or routes, according to the clients’ requirements.

Applications could include marine renewable energy installation/servicing, shipping, search and rescue operations, cable/pipe laying, marine operations coordination, oil and gas activities, fisheries, coastal management, flood management and coastal leisure activities.

The WaveSentry consortium includes: HR Wallingford, Fugro EMU, Surrey Satellite Technology, National Oceanography Centre, Chelsea Technology Group, and Marine South East.

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