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Videotel teams up with Mines Rescue Marine

Enclosed spaces on ships are potentially dangerous Enclosed spaces on ships are potentially dangerous Videotel

Videotel has partnered with Mines Rescue Marine (MRM), part of Mines Rescue Service Ltd (MRSL), to create a system designed to improve the safety of mariners operating in enclosed spaces.

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The Enclosed Space Management System is designed to assess, audit and manage the safety of enclosed spaces on board ships, helping to combat the number of accidents and fatalities. Videotel says it is the only computer-based system that facilitates compliance with the IMO’s regulations on safety management of enclosed spaces, providing an audit process for assessment of risks and implementation of solutions.

Spaces are assessed based on factors such as their dimensions, difficulty of entry, availability of communications and potential rescue issues, with a traffic light system in place to indicate the overall danger level. Crew members can add to this process by contributing their own comments and photographs of individual spaces on board, and information can be viewed onshore as well as sent to third parties via PDF reports.

“We are very proud of the Enclosed Space Management System which, we believe, will make a meaningful contribution to industry efforts in the prevention of needless loss of life,” says Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel.

“As a further extension of its all-encompassing programs on enclosed spaces, Videotel is pleased to be able to take this unique step in helping the maritime industry take a proactive approach towards a significant reduction in issues involving enclosed spaces.”

MRSL’s main focus is on improving the safety of mineworkers, and the MRM division was set up five years ago to apply that knowledge to enclosed spaces in marine environments.

‘’This is the culmination of a two-year project initiated by our realisation that one of the major problems on ships and offshore installations was the lack of detailed audited information on enclosed spaces, and a specifically designed depository for it,” says Adam Allan, managing director of Mines Rescue Marine.

“We felt that if we could provide a facility which shares information with not only crew members, but others working on board, such as surveyors and contractors, it would considerably increase the safety of people entering and working in these spaces.”


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