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Free certificate notification service from C-Alarm

Jesper Svegaard, C-Alarm founder Jesper Svegaard, C-Alarm founder C-Alarm

Danish company C-Alarm has announced that its digital notification service will now be available free of charge, allowing mariners to set up reminders ahead of the expiration of certificates and other documentation.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}Users can scan and upload documents, entering the relevant expiry dates into an online database. The web-based platform then delivers notifications via e-mail and SMS, based on the information the user has entered.

While the service can be used to establish any type of reminder, it is aimed in particular at the commercial maritime industry, and addressing the issues associated with lapsed certificates, licences, passports and health documentation.

“When we decided to develop this system, the motivation behind it was not really to create a business, but more related to solve the problem that many sailors face with expiring certificates,” says Jesper Svegaard, C-Alarm’s founder.

“Thus, we have decided to offer the service free. If the system proves its worth and the users are happy with the service, we will consider a micro payment, but in that case the payment will be a very small amount that should be no problem for anyone.”

Users can create an unlimited number of certificates, with up to two reminders for each notification. Documents uploaded to the platform are encrypted for security, and users can share those documents with employers or relevant authorities via e-mail. There is also the capability to redact personal details such as social security numbers before sharing documents.

“It happens quite often that people forget to renew a certificate, and this can have dramatic consequences, or they have to squeeze the re-certification into the calendar with short notice,” continues Mr Svegaard.

“This allows long term planning for re-certification, and another benefit is that in case you forget to bring a certificate or you lose it, then you can just find a PC with internet connection, log in, click download and you are able to show a scanned copy.”{/mprestriction}

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