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Maritime intelligence system to be deployed in Southeast Asia

TSG IT Advanced Systems reports that it has begun work on the deployment of its real-time maritime intelligence solution for a Southeast Asian shipping customer.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}2C is a system for detecting, identifying, and sending automatic alerts regarding threats at sea. Based on specific algorithms including elements of artificial intelligence, the system self-learns the routine of the ship at sea, integrating that knowledge with existing databases and automatically triggering real time alerts regarding unusual events.

The system can connect with existing Command and Control systems, or create an independent marine image by integrating various types of sensors.

“!More than ever before, the sea is bursting with illegal activities – oil theft, illegal fishing, smuggling, ships being overtaken by pirates, illegal immigration and various other types of hostile activities. At the same time, a vast amount of routine trade and traffic is taking place,” said Ofer Burin, TSG.

“It has therefore become increasingly important to efficiently and accurately examine all these maritime events. 2C was developed to answer this need for an automated system that will be able to correctly analyse today's complex marine environment and enable the most effective management of maritime forces.”

The system prioritises suspicious targets according to incrimination level and sends alerts accordingly. Maintaining historical data for future analysis, the 2C system also generates statistical and analytical reports.

“We recently began preparations to deliver the 2C system for a customer in Southeast Asia,” said Mr Burin.

“In order to deliver a complete picture of activities at sea, we are deploying a range of sensors alongside our system which will enable them to receive precise information regarding the location of objects at sea, thus giving them unprecedented insight into the areas over which they have control.”

The system has been sold to an additional customer and is in an advanced process of evaluation at a number of other customers, the company said.{/mprestriction}

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