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Artificial Intelligence applied to vessel power systems

AI could be used to automate control of EMP’s EnergySail system AI could be used to automate control of EMP’s EnergySail system

Eco Marine Power, a Japan based provider of vessel renewable energy systems, has announced that it is to begin incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a range of its ship related technology projects, specifically using the Neural Network Console provided by Sony Network Communications.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}The Neural Network Console is an integrated development environment that uses ‘deep learning’ for AI creation. The technology has been used within Sony since 2015, with capabilities such as recognition technology and a GUI (graphical user interface) to support the development of deep learning programs.

‘Deep learning’ refers to a form of machine learning that uses neural networks modelled after the human brain, which Eco Marine Power (EMP) says will offer it high versatility in application development across a wide variety of fields, including signal processing and robotics.

An initial area of focus for the company will be on studying how the Neural Network Console and AI can assist with the development of an automated control system for its EnergySail system, a series of rigid sails used to capture wind and solar power onboard ship.

AI could help in allowing the position of the EnergySail to be adjusted automatically, depending on a variables such as wind speed and direction.

EMP says that it also expects to utilise the AI technology in analysing the results of computer simulations related to its Aquarius Eco Ship, a vessel design concept incorporating renewable energy technologies.

“All of our solutions include a level of automation, however we see opportunities to expand on this by using artificial intelligence and deep learning to improve control algorithms, analyse results and develop future systems,” said Greg Atkinson, chief technology officer at Eco Marine Power.

“In addition we intend to explore how recognition technology and sensors can be integrated together to control not only our systems, but other systems and equipment on ships especially in regards to the use of renewable energy on ships.”{/mprestriction}

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