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SPOS updates to version 9

The software offers calculations based on different speed profiles The software offers calculations based on different speed profiles

Weather routing software provider MeteoGroup has introduced a new version of its SPOS (Ship Performance Optimization System) application, with SPOS9 designed to support reductions in fuel consumption and emissions by calculating and recalculating optimum routes and anticipating oncoming weather and sea conditions.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"}The software features a variable speed algorithm that assists captains in bypassing severe weather, and a voyage trim optimisation capability to further reduce fuel consumption. SPOS9 also offers an expert routing network, with pre-built ship models to provide more accurate routing and configurable back-to-shore reporting.

Shipping routes are optimised by taking into consideration various sea conditions, such as wind, waves and swell, currents and other weather elements. Weather forecasts are received up to four times a day via e-mail or http download, including more than 20 elements for voyage optimisation from the MeteoGroup Nautical MeteoBase.

Vessel and voyage data can be specified and updated during transit by the user, with the MeteoGroup Ship Profile Library, developed with MARIN, containing algorithms for the resistance impact of wind and waves on specific vessel types.

Route options can be created based on time, cost or fuel constraints, either with or without a given ETA, with the MeteoGroup Route network able to assist in planning port-to-port routes, including navigational constraints and port approaches.

Data from the ship can be shared with stakeholders via the FleetGuard web platform, to offer shore offices a shared view across fleets.

Additional modules include Seakeeping (protecting motion-sensitive ships and cargoes), Trim Advisor (optimising trim using ship characteristics, voyage loading conditions and waves) and SPS2GRIB to export forecasts to other onboard display systems.{/mprestriction}

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