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Infographic shows benefits of switching to data-driven operations

Netherlands-based software company Shipbuilder has published an infographic that shows the most notable advantages of switching to data-driven operations for maritime companies.

{mprestriction ids="1,2"} The infographic suggests ways to save time and money by implementing data-driven rather than document-driven operations. One benefit is that is can help companies to find the correct data quickly and reduce searching time from 30 to 5 per cent. With an Excel or Word file, there is no automatic tracking of multiple versions of a file in a circulation or company or no notification if part of the file has changed.  With data-driven operations, there is traceability of decisions.

According to the infographic, by working to real-time the quality of the data can be increased to the highest level. Shipbuilder states that a consistency increase of 30 per cent can be gained.

In addition, Shipbuilder believes that shorter lead times result in extra capacity and sales increase, while a 10 per cent margin increase due to fewer errors as a result of data-driven operations is possible.

“We have been active in the maritime sector for eight years now and help shipyards and yacht builders to digitally transform, from document-driven to data-driven,” said Geert Schouten, director of Shipbuilder. “For them this means making business future proof with the help of our knowledge based data management system. They turn away from keeping track of all data in email, Word or Excel or even odder, within binders. We have transformed our experience with the advantages of smart digital transformation into an infographic.

“Imagine you have to search for data hidden in binders for an average of three hours every day. And imagine that when you finally find the data, you have to ask yourself every time whether it’s the latest version of that information. Does that make you happy? Unfortunately, for many maritime engineers this is the tough, daily reality. The switch to the Shipbuilder smart data management program, provides them with a time saving factor of six. Now the search for the correct, up-to-date(!) information only takes half an hour a day. This means that throughout the day you will immediately find what you need. Throw your frustrations overboard and work with a smile!”  {/mprestriction}

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    Oceanbolt provides real-time insights into trade flows, tonnage flow, fleet speed, dry-docking and congestion. The insights available in the platform are based on analysing AIS data in real-time, and utilising geospatial analytics algorithms in combination with a comprehensive polygon database.

    Western Bulk stated in a press release that Oceanbolt's primary focus on minor dry bulk, cloud based systems with open APIs and combined with a shared desire to extract the full value of data in the shipping industry, made the start-up a natural partner selection for the shipping company.

    Oceanbolt published the following statement on the partnership:  

    "We are very excited to announce that Western Bulk, a leading global dry bulk operator, has joined the Oceanbolt Data Platform to leverage our real-time insights into the dry bulk market. Western Bulk joins our platform as a data partner and will provide valuable domain expertise and data which will allow us to train and further improve the accuracy of our historical and predictive algorithms.

    “With Western Bulk’s focus on business intelligence, cloud infrastructure and open APIs, we are proud to become partners with a front-runner in data-driven shipping operations. Western Bulk will leverage Oceanbolt’s Data API and web-based Analytics Dashboard to further strengthen the analytical efforts of their in-house data scientists and analysts and to aid the commercial and operational understanding of the chartering and operations teams.”

    The partnership commenced on May 1, 2020 and marks a milestone for Oceanbolt in its quest for participating to create a digital and data-driven shipping industry. 

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