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Zeaborn Ship Management automates IHM maintenance

Image courtesy of Zeaborn Ship Management Image courtesy of Zeaborn Ship Management

After having almost completed the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) Initial Survey, Zeaborn Ship Management is among the first ship managers to digitise the Inventory of Hazardous Materials Maintenance.

IHM Maintenance ensures the continuous conformity of the inventory. As soon as a change on a vessel occurs, the IHM report has to be updated. Adding machines or equipment to a vessel, the renewal of spare parts lists, structural repairs and even hull painting are just examples of changes that fall into the maintenance category.


After having performed IHM preparation and certification for almost the entire fleet, Zeaborn Ship Management collaborated with NautilusLog to automate the IHM Maintenance digitally – and is among the first ship managers to do so.

“We’re very excited about this partnership. Thanks to the collaboration with and experience of SGS, the workload at Zeaborn Ship Management is reduced to a minimum. The integration of SGS’s expertise as a service means less paperwork. Items are reviewed, data automated, and any gaps identified ensuring that complete and compliant reports are available 24/7 365 days a year. SGS also supports physically, if items have to be installed onboard. Thanks to the various expertise and smart project management, it unburdens our clients during the entire lifecycle of a ship. This collaborative automation is both efficient and innovative”, said Otto Klemke, CEO of NautilusLog.

Efficiency and innovation

The smart solution from NautilusLog handles all workflows with the respective partners – fully integrated. Tailored to the needs of the client and supporting all fleet sizes from one vessel upwards, the solution can be set up easily and then scaled where needed. The integration of PO systems, hazmat experts, suppliers and key partners all linked into the process ensures that communication is both efficient and clear – all complimented with the client management dashboard to ensure oversight and control.

Sven Henze, senior vice president procurement at Zeaborn Ship Management commented: “This automatisation allows us to keep our desks free of work whilst having full transparency and control of the processes. NautilusLog supports our strategy of having paperless offices. Our major focus is always on our customers: we provide services that allow a good overview with reasonable administrative effort. Second important topic for us is data protection and controlled access. We recently certified the whole company to ISO 27001 standards and our cooperation with NautilusLog suits well into our strategy of digitalisation. Over the past two months, since implementation, SGS and the NautilusLog solution managed the whole IHM Maintenance process saving Zeaborn Ship Management significant time and effort so we were able to focus on our daily work.”

“NautilusLog is a smart solution that helps us focus on the right things and prevents us from handling a situation twice. We save significant time in unnecessary validations and communication”, said Wouter Hagens, IHM business manager at SGS.

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