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Brenock announces “Idea Pipeline” platform

Brenock IPL homepage. Brenock IPL homepage.

Brenock Technology, a provider of software applications and consulting services for the maritime and other industries, has announced its new employee engagement and idea management platform, Idea Pipeline. The cloud-based enterprise engagement tool allows human resources directors, organisation leaders and other department heads to source and implement ideas and solutions from their employees, through a digital platform.

The development of Idea Pipeline began as a project for a Brenock customer. Brenock enlisted the help of Ric Pratte, president of Idea Pipeline, to provide a solution that would help meet its customer’s engagement needs. After seeing the impact the platform had on employee involvement and morale, Brenock partnered with Ric to build and drive Idea Pipeline as a new division and standalone product for the company.

In addition to providing a streamlined process for idea sharing, Idea Pipeline encourages users to participate and crowdsource feedback to elevate the quality of ideas. This blend as an engagement and continuous improvement platform allows decision makers to improve representation of perspectives when solving problems and making changes within their company or department.

Idea Pipeline also offers analytics and insights to help organisations assess and implement ideas. As the suggestions are being evaluated, the platform provides real-time status updates promoting transparency and increasing collaboration among teams. Further, the tool is a web-based SaaS platform, which allows members of the organisation to access and collaborate on the tool anywhere there is an internet connection, without needing to download additional apps.

The tool is available for use on desktop and mobile devices and empowers employees to champion innovation within their company.

“Giving employees a voice is one of the most beneficial ways to proactively improve employee experience. Employees are the closest to customer issues and directly impacted by internal process challenges,” said Pratte. “Idea Pipeline shares the improvement responsibility to help make employees feel trusted and accountable. As an active continuous improvement program, the solution affects organizations’ productivity and bottom lines. It’s a cost-effective method to improve quality, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.”

“Expanding the availability of Idea Pipeline in our portfolio was an easy decision,” said Manus Walsh, president at Brenock. “We knew it could deliver broader value to marine leaders looking to strengthen their business and better engage crew members following the economic challenges of the global pandemic. We are eager to empower ports, shipping companies and vendors through a bottom-up approach to openly solve common challenges and uncover new opportunities.”

Another differentiator of Idea Pipeline is its pricing plan based on idea evaluation. Unlike other collaboration tools that determine pricing by number of users, potentially limiting some employees from putting forth ideas, Idea Pipeline utilises “Number of Ideas Entered,” an internal metric which allows an unlimited number of people to participate and contribute. The pricing is then determined by the total number of “valid” ideas maintained in the system. This does not include inappropriate, offensive, not accepted or deleted ideas. Pricing by executed ideas and not the number of people using the system, allows companies to scale with the value they are receiving from the platform.

Idea Pipeline is Brenock’s first product announcement since the company announced its joint venture with Tideworks Technology.

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