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Blue Alliance Partners launches collaborative platform to drive shipping's digitalisation

A new Go-to-Market collaborative platform to drive digitalisation and sustainability in the shipping industry has been launched by Blue Alliance Partners.

Blue Alliance Partners aims to solve the problem of why so many innovative companies with fantastic products are struggling to achieve success outside their home markets.

As digitalisation emerges throughout the industry, now driven faster than ever by carbon emission reduction initiatives, the most innovative solutions often come from smaller, more agile companies. Selling complex solutions requires long-lasting direct sales efforts, which is hard for small organisations to achieve across the globe.

Blue Alliance Partners acts as an independent body that provides Go-to-Market execution service, with state-of-the-art sales and marketing resources in key hubs across the globe for its members. This enables the alliance members to get access to markets in global shipping hubs, and helps emerging tech members to find new clients and gain expert advice from experienced industry leaders.

“It makes no sense that so many companies are trying to tackle the whole world on their own, selling their single product. Products that work well together are best sold together. It’s much easier that way for the end client to buy and implement the most cutting-edge solutions available today,” said co-founder Jan Wilhelmsson.

With new tech emerging at a fast pace, the shipping industry is having a hard time figuring out what works where and how. Blue Alliance Partners, with its strong team and broad advisory network, is able to identify best-in-class technologies and make them available to shipping industry customers.

Co-founder Henrik Dahl, explained: “When a company brings new technology to the industry, it takes a long time to establish the necessary trust and understanding for the technology to fully take off. With our deep knowledge of both the technology sector and the various segments of the shipping industry, we can ensure the right technology finds the right players in the global industry, so that adaptation is accelerated.”

The company vision is three-fold:

  • Accelerate digital transformation throughout the shipping industry
  • Enable new improved tech to rise above current incumbents’ status quo
  • Unlock sustainable, fast, global market reach through collaboration

“Our mission is to help key shipping players identify the most cutting-edge and suitable technology for their operations in an environment where digitalisation in the shipping industry will become the norm,” said co-founder Anastasia Papadopoulou.

As an independent entity with transparent distribution of cost, Blue Alliance Partners provides a platform for travel-free, collaborative global market reach at sustainable cost and efficient use of resources. Blue Alliance Partners reports that it will rapidly ramp up its operations in key shipping hubs, and it already has feet on the ground in the UK and Japan. Next the company will be looking to expand to the US, Korea, Singapore, and the UAE.

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