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e5 Lab establishes Marindows

Basic configuration of Marindows packaging platform - hardware and contents (APPs) Basic configuration of Marindows packaging platform - hardware and contents (APPs)

e5 Lab has announced the establishment of Marindows to bring the world’s most advanced information technology (IT) to Japan’s maritime industry.

e5Lab is a joint venture of four companies: Asahi Tanker, Exeno Yamamizu Corporation, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, and Mitsubishi Corporation that aims to develop electrically powered, zero-emission vessels.

Marindows will develop a streamlined digital platform (ocean OS Marindows), which allows for evolution and expansion by drawing upon the power of the information and communication revolution (incorporating ocean BB communication/DX/AI). With the OS Marindows as the driving force, the company will address social, environmental, and economic issues facing the maritime industry. Marindows will create new value and markets in the Maritime industry along with partners of various leading companies having good business relationship with e5 Lab which is mother company of Marindows.

Marindows’ will:

  • From 4Q 2021: Start promotion activities for ocean BB communication, which will go into full-scale service in 2022
  • 1-2Q 2022: Plan to release operational DX service for seafarers, shipowners, and shipping companies (Phase 1)
  • In 2022: Expand the service in various domains from merchant ships to fishing boats and pleasure craft
  • In 2022: Expand Marindows service to global market based on experiences and knowledges of the use of DX and data in Japanese maritime industry
  • By end of 2023: Aim at 70% (abt. 5000 ships) in installation ratio of ocean OS “Marindows” on Japanese coastal ships

The Ocean OS Marindows is easy-to-use on existing ships as well as newbuilding ships.

In Phase 1, the companies will start developing services to improve operations for seafarers, shipowners, and shipping companies through the use of existing operation DX and data, in parallel with promotion of ocean BB communication.

Marindows is constructed to become smarter and more convenient as time goes by. The system will  kept updated and expanded continuously to improve usability. The ocean OS Marindows is expected to lead the maritime industry towards a sustainable world from the sea and the land by connecting various system of both. It will start from Japan’s sea to the world.

Mr. Hirofumi Takano, executive vice president, director of innovation development division, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) said: “It’s a great pleasure for us to participate in the joint research for such an innovative initiative on cybersecurity. Innovation utilising digital technology and cyber risks are two sides of the same coin. For the development and the spread of innovation to be conducted under a safe environment, ClassNK supports the initiative through the provision of best practices constructed based on international trends and up-to-date information on cybersecurity.

Mr. Hidebumi Kitahara, vice president, head of global business strategy division, technology Unit at SoftBank Corp., said: “SoftBank is committed to solving various social issues through corporate activities and businesses to realise a sustainable society where all things, information and minds are connected. We are happy that we can create a new market by evolving the maritime industry with the power of information communication, and co-create it with Marindows, which is building an industry base through digital transformation (DX). We believe that digital platforms using cutting-edge communication technologies, such as the next-generation satellite communication and High-Altitude Platform Station (HAPS), AI, and IoT, can bring innovation to global industries, and we will contribute to further accelerating digitalisation.”

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