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FourKites acquires Haven and introduces Dynamic Ocean for shipment visibility

FourKites has announced the acquisition of Haven and introduced Dynamic OceanSM, a next-generation visibility solution that redefines end-to-end management for international ocean shipments.

The solution integrates advanced document management capabilities, robust collaboration features and support for bookings, with end-to-end real-time tracking. Benefits of Dynamic Ocean include expedited flow of goods through busy ports; significantly reducing detention and demurrage costs; and improved customer satisfaction.

Dynamic Ocean covers 99 per cent of global container traffic and more than 750 ports. Comprehensive APIs enable data sharing between Dynamic Ocean and other critical shipper systems including TMS and ERP platforms. Major product capabilities include:

  • Advanced document management and collaboration features help shippers manage the complex and copious documentation requirements of international shipping, and collaborate with all parties involved in a container move
  • Real-time messaging tools organised around shipments and workflows replace emails and manual processes
  • Automated templates trigger tasks, set permissions, and prepare documentation, including purchase orders, bills of lading, courier instructions and packing lists, among many others.
  • Trading partners can collaborate in a secure cloud-based digital hub that contains all critical international shipping documents
  • Superior tracking capabilities leapfrog first-generation screen-scraping techniques to capture more data via multiple sources and with far greater accuracy
  • Visibility into bookings via custom APIs with existing transportation management systems (TMS)
  • True end-to-end tracking that links ocean to rail, air, over-the-road and yard
  • Deeper insights and analytics with ocean-specific reporting on on-time performance, cycle and transit times, detention and demurrage, and more

“The documentation requirements, rate management and bookings in international ocean shipping are massive and complex — and when not managed quickly and efficiently, are a major cause of unbudgeted costs and unhappy customers,” said Charlie Cunnion, vice president, global transportation at International Forest Products LLC (IFP).

“FourKites’ Dynamic Ocean solution will be a game-changer for IFP. It will further distinguish us from our competition by enabling us to provide customers with transparent shipping schedules and timely documentation, while also providing near real-time visibility into order statuses. This platform mitigates detention and demurrage risks and will deliver a seamless experience for our customers.”

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  • Move to the cloud to future proof your business, urges Hanseaticsoft MD

    With the maritime industry in constant change due to new regulations and processes, and the COVID-19 pandemic having had a dramatic impact on economies around the world, shipping companies need to stay competitive and plan for their future, says managing director of Hanseaticsoft, Alexander Buchmann. 

    He notes these challenges are leading more shipping companies to move their management processes and systems into the cloud, to optimise their processes and increase efficiencies.

    However, there are still some in companies which are slow to invest in digital systems and software because they do not understand how easy it can be.

    “Going digital can really help maritime companies futureproof their businesses – moving them away from outdated, legacy technology systems to using intuitive and flexible cloud-based solutions to manage their entire fleets," said Buchmann. "Some may get left behind because they are unaware of just how simple it is to move to the cloud. They wrongly assume that changing their software would involve manually transferring all their information and data which would take significant time and money. They worry they may lose vital information especially if data is held in different systems or they may need to allocate extra man hours to get this done."

    “But this isn’t the case. It is a very straightforward process to transfer data from a wide range of older maritime management systems quickly and without staff having to dedicate time doing this. Thanks to a variety of powerful application programme interfaces, or APIs, data can be imported from most maritime systems into a new software solution.

    “As we move through the pandemic, we expect more companies will adopt cloud-based software solutions to streamline their management and operational processes, become more efficient and stay competitive in what could be challenging economic conditions ahead.”

    One of the key benefits of using cloud-based software is that it enables the real-time sharing of information and data. With data accessible in one central place, it breaks down business silos and enables employees to communicate, share information and collaborate easily no matter where they are located.

    Business critical information such as important maritime instructions, crew schedules, payroll data and other key communications can be shared by the team onshore with crews at sea and actioned immediately, ensuring the company is responsive and dynamic and can react to any situation.

    It also supports better data management and analysis which improves business decision making, business performance and success. The cloud facilitates the sharing of data from different sources, which can be transmitted from vessels simply and quickly. Data is synchronised as soon as it is entered into the system and can be accessed immediately by all relevant personnel.

    Hanseaticsoft's maritime software supports shipping operations without additional training. It can be used in the office, on mobile devices, and on ships. Data is securely saved and readily available in the cloud, allowing employees to access the same materials and work processes wherever they are based. 

  • ABB receives DNV cybersecurity type approval for vessel systems

    ABB’s automation, propulsion and switchboard systems for vessels have successfully been verified to meet DNV’s class notation ‘Cyber secure SP0’, based on the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) guidelines for cyber risk management.

  • HHI develops AI-based solution for ship safety

    Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) Group has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based safety management/monitoring system (HiCAMS) and obtained classification and flag Approval-in-Principal (AIP).

  • OneLearn launches next generation learning management system

    OneLearn Global is launching an intuitive next generation learning management system for the maritime, energy, hospitality and industrial sectors.

  • GateHouse Maritime and Satlock partner to improve operational visibility

    Maritime analytics and data firm, GateHouse Maritime, has signed a contract with Satlock, a Columbian-based tech company providing value chain transparency and intelligence.

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