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Q88 launches new module for data management

Maritime SaaS technology provider Q88 has launched a new module for tanker and dry bulk vessels on and Q88Dry, giving crew greater access to vessel data.

The new module, Q88 Onboard, enables captain and officers to update and produce questionnaires, manage certificates, update inspection records and their officer matrix in a familiar and straightforward solution. Terminal questionnaires can be created and shared on the fly from the bridge, enhancing fleet performance and efficiency by streamlining processes. Q88 Onboard not only minimises the risk of missing accurate data and regular certificate updates, but it also helps shipowners save time and unnecessary communication between the main office and the vessel.

Founder and president, Fritz Heidenreich commented: "Q88 Onboard extends our digitalisation efforts to the vessels with a simple yet comprehensive solution to help run each vessel more safely and effectively.”

In addition to the standard Q88 features (which are limited to only one vessel), Q88 Onboard also provides access to all Annex I commodities in Milbros, the from/to cleaning recommendations for the same limited commodities. These features are available only for Q88 Onboard users from a new ‘Commodities’ menu. Annex I commodity database does not apply for Q88 Dry Onboard

"Combining the Marpol Annex I commodity details, safe handling and cleaning recommendations with the popular features of for use onboard tanker vessels, we are helping our customers ensure safe and economical transportation of clean and dirty petroleum products," said Heidenreich.

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