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KNS Inc.

Hwaam-dong 59-5
Korea South
  • Korea South
Tel: +82.42.932.0351


Based in Daejeon, South Korea, KNS is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and integrator in the marine communications industry. KNS serves customers worldwide providing high quality service, VSAT antennas, equipment and parts for the marine communications industry.

The company specializes in marine stabilized antenna systems for satellite communications, satellite television-at-sea, broadband at sea, voice and data services and has developed to the highest sturdiness and functionality, its SuperTrack Z, A, K and S series.

KNS is also a maritime technology leader and currently is the only VSAT antenna manufacturer approved for military usage, with its Grade ‘A’ Level, MIL-S-901D accreditation.

As a leader in today’s growing industry, we also hold ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004, and CE 0678.  KNS has 40 dealers in over 50 countries.

New Developments for 2015

MK3 Antenna

  • Available in Ku, Ka, C and X-Band
  • Enhanced RF Performance
  • High Power Rotary Joint
  • All-in-one integrated PCU: Universal for all sizes
  • 6061 Anodizing
  • Standard Brake System and Shock Absorber
  • Ultra Heavy Duty Motor
  • Built to Military Standards
  • Web Interface & Remote software Upgrade
  • CE 0678, MIL-STD-167, MIL-STD-901

Blue Tooth Technology

The MK3 antennas are accessible via Bluetooth technology.  Connectivity via Bluetooth eliminates the time and energy for a technician to run below deck and make adjustments to the ACU and run back above deck to check all settings and movements of the antenna after service has been conducted through a wireless Bluetooth connection.

KNS VCS (VSAT Cross-over Switch)

  • Selectable antenna switching system
  • Modem Ethernet interface for ABS (Auto Beam Switching)
  • Manual Antenna selection
  • RX and TX monitoring port built in front side (SMA type)
  • Possibility of RF attenuator control
  • M&C control is available between antenna and ACU using USB or DB-9 serial port
  • Built-in internal 10MHz circuit
  • Modem 10MHz reference signal detection available

Our SuperTrack Product Range

A-Series – To provide a cost effective “always on” Internet connection and VoIP services.

K-Series – To provide high quality satellite TV to your vessel.

S-Series – The best TVRO system money can buy!  With our S-Series we keep you up to date on the latest sport and news.

Z-Series – Ideal for ships who require broadband speeds at sea.

Airtime -  KNS provides a global and regional airtime service with their partners and satellite providers, to ensure the most competitive data rates and voice tariffs.   Our customers can then enjoy the best satellite network configuration, to meet their individual requirements.




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